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Protective Mouth Guards for Sports - Thousand Oaks Dentist

  • The most frequent type of injury to the face during sports are dental injuries and the majority of these are preventable using mouth guards
  • A fractured tooth costs MUCH MORE than having a dental professional make a mouth guard
  • The cost to extract, place and restore a tooth with a dental implant can cost upward of $5000
  • Custom made mouth guards should be worn at all times during practice and competition.

Our dental practice can make a custom fitted, comfortable, mouth guard to protect your teeth during activities. Call us today for your appointment! Saremi & Johnstone Dentistry Phone Number805-496-7776

According to the American Dental Association, dental injuries are common in both sports and recreational activities. Dental injuries can include broken teeth, broken fillings, or even knocked out teeth! Numerous surveys of sports-related dental injuries have documented that participants of all ages, genders and skill levels are at rick of sustaining dental injuries in sporting activities, including organized and unorganized sports at both recreational and competitive levels. In our practice, we have seen some significant teeth injuries due to sport accidents.

The use of a custom fitted mouthguard is the best available protective device for reducing the incidence and severity of sports-related dental injuries. Studies of mouth guard users and non-users have consistently shown that mouth guards offer significant protection against sports-related injuries to the teeth and soft tissues. Mouth guards provide a resilient, protective surface to distribute and dissipate forces on impact, thereby minimizing the severity of traumatic injury to the hard or soft tissues.

Overall risk for injury was found to be almost 2 times greater when a mouth guard was not worn, relative to when mouth guards were used during athletic activity. Another study of collegiate basketball teams found that athletes wearing custom-made mouth guards sustained significantly fewer dental injuries than those who did not.

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