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4 Important Reasons NOT to Miss Your Dental Appointment

4 Important Reasons NOT to Miss Your Dental Appointment

We know it’s tough to make it to your dental appointments! You need to schedule a time, rearrange your already busy day to make it there, and no one has “Trip to the Dentist” on their list of top 100 things to do. But, we implore you, please make it to your dental appointment!  Here are four great reasons NOT to miss your scheduled dental appointment.

Reasons to NOT miss your dentist appointment

  1. Prevention – It is said that “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure”, and nothing could be more true in the dental field. Once a dental condition causes you pain, it may have progressed to a point of requiring much more extensive and expensive treatment, if your tooth can be saved at all. But, by having your routine dental exam, professional cleaning, and necessary radiographs (x-rays), you are setting yourself up for the best dental health possible.
  2. Benefits – Missing dental appointments costs you time and money. Most dental benefit companies have a “use it or lose it” policy where if you do not take advantage of your benefits in a timely manner, you will lose them. Most dental benefit plans will cover two preventive appointments, so you should take advantage. It could help prevent any future problems.
  3. Appearance – When you keep your dental appointments, we can help you stay looking your best.  Staying attractive and healthy is important to most people. A regular check up exam with your dentist and a professional cleaning with a qualified hygienist can keep your smile healthy and bright! Proper products and treatments can be recommended to keep your smile in tip top condition!
  4. We Worry About You – When you miss your scheduled appointment, we worry about you! We worry that you’ve been in a car accident, that you’re ill, we worry about where you are! We love our patients, and truly care about them as people, not just a set of teeth, so when you go “missing”, it’s our nature to worry. Please don’t miss your appointments, and don’t make us worry! We thank you in advance.

Good oral health is directly related to overall health. When your dentist sees you regularly, we are in better position to catch and fix problems early. For example, catching cavities when they are still fixable, or gum disease while it is still reversible. And we also get a chance to catch up with you and all the exciting events in your life. If you haven’t been in in a while, give us a call! We would love to hear from you.


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