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Mouth Guard Use in Sports – Thousand Oaks, CA

Mouth Guard Use in Sports – Thousand Oaks, CA

A well fitted mouth guard is an essential piece of sports equipment. When participating in any sports, players are at risk for a variety of dental injuries such as; lip and cheek lacerations, chipped or broken teeth, tooth root damage, broken jaws, fractured restorations, and even concussions. Studies have shown that wearing a sports mouth guard can reduce these injuries by as much as 60 times!

How are they made?

Custom sport mouth guards are made using an exact model of a persons own teeth. They are made out of resilient and tear resistant materials. They are comfortable, easy to clean, fit well, and do NOT restrict breathing. A properly fitted sports mouth guard is tasteless, not bulky, have excellent retention, fit, and sufficient thickness in critical areas. Even the best over the counter product cannot insure quality and effectiveness.

The best mouthguard remains one that is custom designed and made by a dental professional. A dentist can take the specific needs of an individual into account when designing their mouthguard. For your custom made sports mouthguard, contact us today!


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